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04 January 2011 @ 09:49 pm
[Fic] The Meaning of Christmas (a gift for euphonious_glow)  
title: The Meaning of Christmas
giftee/prompt: euphonious_glow; 'In the cold, cold night', playing in the snow, unsent letters.
rating/warning: G
characters/pairings: Kyouya&Fuyumi, mentions of Tamaki, Haruhi, twins;
word count: 1,027 words
summary: Kyouya doesn’t know what is in Fuyumi’s head sometimes. Why does she wants to do these stuff on Christmas Eve?
notes: This gave me a hard time =/ and this is what I came up with. Hope you're pleased by this.

In the cold, cold night, one miserable scrooge was sitting at his desk, counting the money he had earned for the day. On the other side of the hallway lies a young man, working in a freezing room. The fireplace next to him was not lit. To the right side of the fireplace laid a bundle of coals. ‘Just one perhaps. Enough to keep me warm for a bit.’ The young man thought to himself, but a part of him knew…that he must ask his scrooge of a boss for permission. And so, gathering his wits—

“Why don’t he just grab the coal and place it in the fireplace himself?” A very bored Kyouya lay on the sofa. Stands of black hair fell over his pair of glasses. There was no one in the room save for himself and his older sister, Fuyumi. “And what’s the point of this again?”

Fuyumi placed A Christmas Carol down on her lap, again. Brown eyes--so similar to Kyouya’s but at the same time, so very different—stared at her youngest brother. “Because it’s a holiday tradition Kyouya.” Then she proceeds to go on a rant about how normal people would do such a thing.

Not listening, Kyouya glanced around the room. The imposed candles littered around the room, Kyouya noted. It was not there before. Kyouya was absolutely positive that it was Fuyumi who had scattered them around.

It was the night of Christmas Eve. Down in the ballroom, activities were still going on. People with prestige gathered for the night since the Ootori Head had thrown a Christmas celebration that night. Both Kyouya and his older siblings had made their obligatory attendance and after a couple hours in to the party, he was dismissed to attend to Fuyumi’s needs. Not that he minded spending time with his favorite sibling, but it is times like this that Kyouya is sharply reminded of a certain somebody who shares the common interest.

“You do realize we’re not exactly normal people do you dear sister?” Kyouya commented with hidden sarcasm, emphasizing their family lineage.

Fuyumi huffed at her brother’s retort. “Yes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we can’t do this sort of thing.”

Using his fingers, he showed them to her. “Earlier in the day, you attempted to have not only me, but those two as well, to go frolicking in the snow.” Kyouya recalled the much failed attempt of having all the siblings to play together in the snow, though he chuckled at vividly recalling his two elder brothers’ expression when she mentioned that. “Right after that, you insisted on making hot cocoa and having a meal underneath a roasted fire.” He put his fingers up as to quote her. “Then later on, you wished to write letters to Santa and have them sent—which by the way, they are still unsent. And now this, a story telling of A Christmas Carol.”

“But it’s tradition!” There was a hint of desperation, sadness, and perhaps some whining on Fuyumi’s part. She stared at Kyouya rather sadly. “Why must you be so…against all of this?!” Hands gestured to all the self-decorations around the guestroom.

Kyouya sighed. He rubbed his eyes after taking his glasses off. “It’s tradition for the commoners. You know father don’t exactly approves this sort of thing. We are Ootoris by blood,” He effectively cut off Fuyumi’s argument of being married and not having the surname. “if we must celebrate something, it has to be grand.”

Getting a bit frustrated at the density that was expanding in her baby brother’s head, she stood up and quietly walked over next to him. On the seat right next to him, Fuyumi rubbed Kyouya’s head rather affectionately. “You don’t get this do you Kyouya?”

“If you’re talking about the moral of the story for A Christmas Carol, I’ve heard plenty of that from Haruhi thank you very much.” Kyouya said straight to the point.

“Not that silly.” Fuyumi messed up his hair even further. She couldn’t help but giggled at his annoyed expression. “How often am I home?”

He raised an eyebrow at such a question. Sometimes, he doesn’t really get what is going on in her mind. “Considering you’re married and all, not that often I suppose. It would look very bad if you come home rather often.” With that said Kyouya pushed the rim of his glasses up his nose; giving off that calculated look that would often sent Haruhi backing away from him.

Fuyumi nodded at his statement. “And Haruhi, what does she believes how Christmas Eve should be spent?”

At that, Kyouya could easily answer that question. “Probably having the host club not bombard her and letting her spend some time with her family…and perhaps not see us for a bit.” Though the “us” part would referred more to the twins and Tamaki.

“Exactly, Christmas is supposed to be the time spent with your loved ones.” Fuyumi answered. She wrapped her arms around him. “I know Father might not express himself very often and yes, every Christmas Eve there is always a party with all of father’s people so we don’t really get to spend much time as a family. It’s just that…you’re my baby brother. Both of them are already grown up and don’t need this…but you do Kyouya.”

Kyouya was speechless. Granted he was old enough not to do some of the childish stuff like playing in the snow, but the whole point was that she still wanted to give him some sort of a resemblance of a normal childhood. Suddenly he felt a little bit bad at giving Fuyumi a bit of a reluctant attitude. “Fuyumi, I’m—“

She waved off the incoming apology. “Don’t worry about it. If you’re still feeling bad about your attitude, you can make it up by helping me decorate this miniature tree I brought with me.” She gestured to a small foot-size tree that Kyouya saw during that one expedition Tamaki had forced him to go on to learn more about the commoner’s world. Figures she would have one.

“Might as well get started then, Christmas is almost here.”